Sir Richard Bishop – full live performance

Recently I posted a video of a live performance of a single song of Sir Richard. That’s not nearly enough of Sir Richard, which is why I thought today I should share a whole performance of his.

Sir Richard Bishop – full live performance

Following live performance was recorded in New York City and it’s provided to us by the YouTube user vacantmoon.

What is there to say about this performance, except that it’s a classic Sir Richard Bishop event. Him, alone on the stage, with his guitar and pretty much nothing else. Songs that are played range from his solo work, to the music from the days of Sun City Girls. It starts off slow, with a soft instrumental piece, followed by a song where Sir Richard sings.

What’s unusual for a live show of Sir Richard is that he speaks to the audience quite a bit here, and that’s why I love it. Video quality isn’t that great, it’s dark and grainy, but audio quality is decent enough. I think it was recorded on a phone or something. Anyway, great show and if you’re a fan of Sir Richard Bishop, then definitely have a look.