Music released by Sir Richard can be found pretty much anywhere online. All the more popular services like Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify even Deezer has some of his works. I say some, because you won’t find his entire discography in one place. Earlier works of Sir Richard and most definitely the works of Sun City Girls were released on cassettes and only some were remastered in CD form. On top of that, both Sir Richard and his former band released their albums through several different labels, some small and obscure, which obviously don’t have a presence on all the popular streaming services.

Do not fret though, fans of Sir Richards have been generous enough to post his work on YouTube. It’s shady I know, but I don’t think that Sir Richard would mind. Some of his older work cannot be found using the proper channels, if you know what I mean. Depending on where you are in the world, some of the streaming services won’t be available, so in that case you don’t really have any choice but to turn to YouTube, and the generosity of others. There really is a lot of Sir Richards music there, especially the earlier works of Sir Richard and his band. Remember to also snag a couple of albums of his from Google Play or Apple Music, to help the artists out. Now, let’s enjoy some more music from Sir Richard.